RSVP: Ritual, Scripture, Verse and Prayer

An Invitation to Pray the Scriptures with Fellow Parishioners

RSVP is a program that invites us to reflect on the scriptures, share our faith in a comfortable setting, and pray in small groups with fellow parishioners.  We gather in homes for six weekly sessions in the Fall and in Lent.  We read and reflect on the scriptures for the upcoming Sunday’s Mass and share our response to the readings and to helpful reflection questions.  We then offer our prayers and petitions as a group.  RSVP is a wonderful way to share our faith and build closer relationships with our fellow parishioners.

RSVP offers a simple prayer and sharing format for small groups or alone. Please click here for our current week’s outline Please see resources list for previous weeks’ outlines.

For those wishing access to the daily readings, please visit the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website.

NOTE FOR 2013-1014
This year our parish is participating in Good News People in lieu of RSVP.  This program is very similar to RSVP where people gather in small groups to study Scripture and Church teaching, reflect and discuss them, and share ways to put our faith into action--all in context of prayer.


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