Parish Library/Resources

The OLG parish library has a wide array of books that are available for your spiritual reading pleasure, including scripture study and reflection, stories of the saints, church history, spiritual health and healing, prayer, and many other topics.  Our Library is located in the vestibule of the church on the south side closest to the men’s restroom.  You may check out a book at any time.  We operate on the honor system.  When you are done, return the book so someone else may check it out.

Check out the list of books available by clicking the "OLG Library Listing" document on the left.  In addition, you can find current reviews of books by going to our "Book Reviews of ParishLibrary" document, also on the left.

If you have a title you would like to recommend that the library add to its collection, or if you have books you would like to donate, please contact Helen Oesterle, Pastoral Associate at

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