Seniors Group

The 50 PLUS FUNSTERS are a gathering of primarily retired individuals of the church community interested in fellowship, entertainment which provides us a greater range of activities to explore. We gather for monthly breakfasts and holiday potlucks. We frequently plan day trips with lunch or dinner within the greater Seattle area, such as plays, concerts or guided tours at a wide range of established businesses, nonprofit groups, government facilities or agencies. Occasionally we schedule overnight trips somewhere in the Northwest. Wine tours are always popular.
We support our parish and community with a willingness to share within our abilities, our experience, fellowship and outreach. Our activities are always open to invitation for relatives, friends, or neighbors to share with us.

2013 scheduled Senior events.
(Revised Mar. 2)
Mar. 13 - Our senior breakfast will be the usual schedule of the second Thursday at Be’s Restaurant, West Seattle Junction  at 9:30 A.M.. 

Mar. 23 - Music Man and Dinner at Angelo's
This is Kennedy High Schools presentation of Music Man at 2 p.m. with dinner later at 5 p.m. at Angelo's in Burien.
The presentation will be at Highline Performing Arts at a cost of $10.00 each for seniors. Payment is due and payable at breakfast on the 13th. If you cannot make the breakfast please call Carol Maes at 932-7567 for other arrangements. Dinner will be by separate checks.
Please call Harry Schmitt at 206-937-5897 for questions and/or directions.

Suggestions are welcome for day trips, upcoming events, and interesting places to visit and, of course, recommended inexpensive restaurants.  Feel free to call or write coordinator Harry Schmitt.

For more information or to join in any activities, please contact Harry Schmitt,
50 PLUS FUNSTERS coordinator at ,

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