Parish Facility Use

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish facilities are available for liturgical, sacramental, educational, and program and social uses of the parish community.  The facilities can be reserved for use by parish families and non-profit groups for private events on a space-available basis.  Availability is based on priority for use established by our parish.  Parish facilities are not available for us by for-profit organizations.  Our Parish desires to make the reservation and use of the facilities as easy and equitable as possible while being good stewards of its resources.  

Because of legal and insurance considerations, we have developed policies and procedures that are necessary and are established in accordance with the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle and the Parish Council.   Explore these policies in the "Documents" box at left.

Event Insurance:

  1. Archdiocese Special Event Insurance - $98.00

Alcohol Permits:

  1. Banquet – service/consumption
  2. Special Occasion – Non Profit to Sell
  3. MAST Training/Mix-ologist – Alcohol being sold
Our Lady of Guadalupe Rental FAQ’s

How Do I Reserve a Facility?

All scheduling requests should be emailed to in the parish office. Please include a first and second choice of dates. Your request will be approved within a week and you will be notified by return email followed by your paperwork in the U.S. Mail.
Reservation Requests must submit a completed Facility Use Contract & Signed Usage Policy, including the Archdiocesan Special Events Insurance application, Check for $98.00 made out to the Archdiocese and a check made out to OLG for ½ the amount of your rental fee is due up front to process your application and reserve your event on our calendar.
Rental balance is due 4 weeks prior to scheduled event at the latest.
*Subject to cancellation if money and paperwork is not received by the deadline*

What Paperwork Do I Need And Where Do I Send It?
  • Parish Facility Rental Request Form
  • Archdiocese Special Event Insurance Coverage
  • Facility Use Agreement
  • Facility Set Up Form
  • Cleaning Check List (one for group, another copy for facility event onsite manager)
  • Hall use Contract and Hold Harmless agreement
  • Any banquet or alcohol permits necessary.
All of these can be turned in at the Parish office to the facility scheduler.

What Fees and Deposits Can I expect To Pay and When Are They Due?
  1. ½ the amount of your rental fee is due, along with Check for $98.00 made out to OLG, along with completed Special Event Insurance form due in the beginning of your reservation process to allow time to get insurance approval for your event.
  2. Remainder of required paperwork, (including copies of licenses and permits if applicable), Separate check made out to OLG for the Damage/Cleaning deposit, and rental balance is due 4 weeks prior to scheduled event at the latest.

What Does My Rental Include?

Rental includes use of reserved room, tables, and chairs, bathrooms at the facility that has been reserved for your event.

What Equipment Is Onsite For My Use?

School Hall

20 - 60” tables, seating 8 people each. If you are planning on renting tablecloths, the 90” size works well.

New Life Reception Area/Archbishop Alex J. Burnett Gym

The new gym is about 5, 555 sq ft with an allowed occupancy of 370 people, while the new reception area is 1300 sq.ft. and can hold up to 89 people.
There are 6 6' x 30" rectangular tables and 5 5' x 30" rectangular tables as well as 32 – 60” round tables seating 8 people each.
If you are planning on renting tablecloths for the round tables, the 90” size works well and falls about half way to the floor.
If you need suggestions for table configurations we have some seating charts available to look at.

What Other Things May Occur On The Day Of My Rental?

Note gym & reception area may have simultaneous events as well as regular Mass times on the weekends and School functions.

What About Parking For My Event?

All parking is public and operates on a first come, first served basis. Availability may be affected by Parish and School events.

Can I Come Early Or The Day Before My Event To Set Up?

If you would like to enter the facility the night before to set up, or at an earlier time than first reserved;
  1. There must not be another event going on in the facility at that time.
  2. Depending on the amount of time you need and if that time prohibits rental use of the facility by another group, you may be charged for one of the minimum rental time fees:
2 hour for $200.00, 4 hours for $400.00, & 6 hours for $600.00.

Do You Know Any Great Caterers Who Could Help With My Event?

We do have a few Catering companies who are familiar with our "Green Policy" requirements and how to use the equipment in our facilities. You can find a link to their websites in the margin to the left. 

How Do I Acquire Permission To Serve Alcohol?

You must purchase a banquet permit appropriate to your function’s needs and provide a copy of this to the event scheduling office with your paperwork.  You can obtain a permit on line at

 Are There Any Rules Regarding Garbage and Recycling For the OLG Campus?

In response to our Catholic Call to be Stewards of the earth, and in conjunction with the opening of The Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Center and Alex J. Burnett Gymnasium, OLG has decided to implement further sustainable use policies for all Parish, School, and Private functions in all Parish/School facilities.
The new Parish Policy will focus on three areas – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle by utilizing composting, recycling and minimizing garbage generation. We can accomplish this goal by the use of washable (glass) plates, metal silverware and other glassware whenever possible.
When the use of the above is not an option, the use of compostable (starchware) utensils and compostable paper plates and cups will be required.
A key element in our sustainable policy will be the “plastic free” theme. Plastic water bottles, soda containers and other plastics are to be eliminated as much as possible. Minor exceptions for unavoidable plastic food packaging and wrap will be allowed.
All catering and food suppliers will also be required to observe the OLG Sustainable/Green policy.
Acceptable Materials for Parish/School/Private Events and Functions:
Metal Utensils
Glassware and reusable Tupperware/Rubbermade, etc.
Compostable (Starchware) Utensils
Compostable paper plates & Hot/Cold cups, paper or cloth napkins.
Anything Organic and compostable.
Cardboard boxes and reusable transport bags.
Non Acceptable (Prohibited Use) Materials
Anything Styrofoam
Helium Balloons
Anything plastic that is disposable, particularly water & soda bottles, etc.
Plastic disposable drink cups, champagne or wine glasses; plastic plates, onetime use plastic table coverings
ANYTHING not compostable/reusable/or recyclable.
For general Pastoral Policy questions; contact Frank Handler, Parish Administrator 206-935-0358 ex. 101. For specific use or item questions, contact Dave Hill at 206-683-0876.