~ "For the Masai people, the cow is valued above all possessions ... the gift of a cow is the highest expression of regard and sympathy".
- U.S. embassy deputy head William Brencick

The Masi tribe of Kenya have no running water, electricity or telephones.
But when they heard about the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade towers, they knew they wanted to do something to help. 
A Kenyan man studying in New York at the time of the attack had returned home and described for them the blazing fires, the chaos, the destruction, the sight of people jumping from the Twin Towers.
Even though most of the Masai people had no idea what a skyscraper was, they decided to give New Yorkers 14 cows (which the Masai regard as sacred) in memory of the victims and their families.
It was their most valued possession  .... and they gave it away.

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